Funds for Liberation

The liberation treatment.

this treatment, which opens the blood vessels to the brain (basically,  angioplasty) is said to help deal with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Canada feels that there is not enough research to fund the treatment here.

Canadians are now flooding into other countries to receive the potentially groundbreaking treatment engineered by Dr. Zamboni.

N.L. is jumping on the experimental bandwagon, but the rest of Canada’s medical community still cautious.

Should we be offering it?

I feel that people deserve the right to get this procedure done and not be condemned by the medical professionals here. If angioplasty is needed for any other reason, we are willing to do it without question, but the second MS is brought into the equation, surgeons clam up. There is a fantastic amount of anecdotal evidence piling up, and doctors should not be ignoring it.

Moreover, if someone wants this procedure, it should be the right of that person to have the procedure available in this country. Patients are seeing others that have had great success with the procedure and want to be able to have it themselves. There have been limited mentions of any danger associated with this procedure outside of the general issues associated with angioplasty.

It is the right of a person to be able to make an informed choice about what they want to do with their bodies, and if they want this procedure, they should be able to do it, though maybe not through a government-funded channels, as the procedure is still in its trial stages.It is also important for researchers to pay attention to the outcry for this procedure, and not to stifle the call, but to further the research so that the procedure can be done on those that want it in the safest way possible.

Make the procedure a paid one. Make the people put their money where their mouth is, but give them the right to choose what they want to do.


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