Whose North?


Russia is trying to redraw borders in the arctic due to large natural resource reserves and claims to those reserves.

According to the CTV Edmonton article: “Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States are all expected to file ambitious, competing and overlapping claims stretching right up to the North Pole as the scramble for Arctic riches picks up its pace.”

Russia is currently picking fights with us about who owns the Northernmost part of the world, but, according to my knowledge, that land area was always ours, and it is only since the discovery of these reserves in the deep North that Russia has become enamored with the area.

Canada is losing its grasp on the North. With the opening of the Northwest passage due to melting, more and more countries are passing through our waters, and we don’t have the military power to patrol such vast tracks of ocean. The United States has coveted the area

According to a 1988 treaty signed with the United States (from CBC in depth: The northwest passage) “the U.S. would refrain from sending icebreakers through the Northwest Passage without Canada’s consent; in turn, Canada would always give consent. However, the issue of whether the waters were international or internal was again left unresolved.”

Canada should have the right to control its borders. It also should have rights to its current political mappings. Other countries should respect our bounds, and we should allow them passage following international guidelines.

It will be a fight to the finish as long as there are oil reserves in the arctic, but Canada needs to stand its ground and hold firm to what is,according to political borders, its own.


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