Remembrance Day disgust.

This isn’t a story from the news, but i feel that it is important to bring it to light on this blog. It loosely has to do with rights, but it mostly has to do with outright ignorance and rudeness.

If you haven’t guessed by this point, my problem is with something that happened during the Remembrance Day service at Conestoga College.

The service itself was well put together, and was very good for paying tribute to those that have fought and those that have fallen. At 11 a.m., there was a call over the P.A. at the school for everyone to stop for two minutes of silence.

The school got very quiet.

All except Tim Horton’s.

The Timmies above the atrium, where the actual ceremony was taking place, not only continued serving through the anouncement and the two minutes of silence, but continued yelling orders.

The disrespect that these people showed not only for the people observing the moment of silence, but for the people that fought in armed conflicts. Those people have earned that moment of contemplation.

Anyone who wants to have a moment of silence deserves to have that moment of silence uninterrupted, and the people that don’t want to contemplate should respect those that feel it is important.

The Conestoga College Tim Hortons deserves a big raspberry (and not the kind that’s found in their doughnuts) for not observing the moment of silence. People are doing something that is important to them, and they shouldn’t have that marred by a group that doesn’t know how to show respect.


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