$500,000 to save one life

Let me elaborate:

There is a young man, Lucas Maciesza, who is suffering from a rare blood disorder where his red blood cells are being destroyed. Less than 10 people in Ontario have this disorder, and there is only one treatment for it.

That treatment costs $500,000 per year, and once the treatment is started, it cannot be stopped.

Maciesza received his first bout of the treatment, but now his family is not sure how they will continue paying for it.

Did I mention that it’s not covered by OHIP?

This life-saving treatment that would financially destroy an average family is left to the sufferers to pick up the tab, and yet, it’s the only way to keep their loved ones alive. Most people would take financial ruin for that cause.

There is one other person getting the treatment in Ontario, in North Bay. She is receiving the treatment on compassionate grounds. She started the treatment, and the North Bay hospital picked up the cost of the treatment. The Maciesza family, who received the first two treatments that Lucas was administered on London Health Sciences Centre  hospital’s  bill, are now reaching out to people across Canada to show an act of compassion toward Lucas and help them continue the treatment.

I think that Lucas should be covered by OHIP. We are told that we pay our taxes into this program s that we can get the treatment we need when we need it. They’ve lied to Lucas. He can’t have his treatment, and this is something that he needs so that he can continue living. It may be $500,000 per year from the government’s coffers, but i would rather see it go toward that than giving our politicians a raise any day.

This family is in an impossible situation. If they do save their son, they bnakrupt themselves with a couple treatments. If they don’t, it’s a death sentence for Lucas. How do you make someone choose between those things?

Lucas deserves this treatment, plain and simple, and I hope, for him and his family’s sake, that he gets it.


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