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$500,000 to save one life

Let me elaborate: There is a young man, Lucas Maciesza, who is suffering from a rare blood disorder where his red blood cells are being destroyed. Less than 10 people in Ontario have this disorder, and there is only one … Continue reading

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Remembrance Day disgust.

This isn’t a story from the news, but i feel that it is important to bring it to light on this blog. It loosely has to do with rights, but it mostly has to do with outright ignorance and rudeness. … Continue reading

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Omar Khadr’s extradition

On Oct. 25, 2010, Omar Khadr pleaded guilty to throwing the grenade that killed an American soldier eight years ago. His goal was actually to “Kill many Americans” with his act of terrorism. He has spent his incarceration becoming more … Continue reading

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What rights does he deserve?

With the trial of Col. Russell Williams coming to a close, it is interesting to see what kind of rights the colonel has been denied in these quick proceedings. There has been no publication ban on the information coming out … Continue reading

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The Commonwealth Games in Delhi have been constantly in the news with talks of bridges falling and stadiums collapsing, but many of our athletes seem ready and willing to go forward with their participation. The ones that have decided to … Continue reading

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Igor and Canada

Hurricane Igor has completely devastated Newfoundland. It has washed out roads, isolated communities, and completely the way of life for many people on the Rock. How has Canada reacted to this disaster on home soil? Well, I think the best … Continue reading

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Don’t ask, don’t tell.

When it’s not ok to be gay, what do you do? The American military has used the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell laws as a way to keep openly gay men and women from serving in their military. It is now … Continue reading

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